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Hello friends! In this article, we will talk in detail about the Fine art style, in a wedding photo shoot.

Fine art

Fine art is a modern style of artistic wedding photography.

Its main features are:

  • shooting on a photo-film
  • natural light
  • artfulness of the frame
  • special attention to detail

The Fine art photographer acts like an artist. He thinks through the composition and focuses on the details necessary to achieve harmony. Each such photographer-artist can shoot on film as well as on digital. He can choose either staged or reportage photography. Under the common aesthetics of fine art can unite masters with very different views on the process.

Why Fine art is great for wedding photo shoots

According to many, this style is just made for shooting weddings. It allows you to make a stylish and light picture, which will be a lot of softness and air. After all, air and color are so valued in film photography. Fine art and weddings have a common aesthetic, which is associated with words such as “softness,” “naturalness,” “tenderness,” and “pastel.” They match in mood and even attention to the couple’s portraits, reportage shots and décor. Clients want light shots, usually without even knowing about “fine art.” They listen to their own sense of beauty and artistic taste.

You can do a shoot in completely different styles, but fine art is love. Especially if you need to show a bride’s morning, ceremony or wedding walk. Fine art is a great tool with which to show the femininity and fragility of the girl during the gathering. You can show the awe with which she transforms into a bride. All the beauty of the moment! And when shooting the wedding walk it is very important to show the feelings in the couple, the sincerity and magic of this day. And fine art is just created for this!

Once this style came into the life of wedding photography, there was more air and naturalness in the processing. In the photos appeared the emphasis on decor, which is very helpful in wedding photography, because the brides pay a lot of attention to detail, thinking everything to the smallest detail.

Fine art and other styles.

Fine art combines harmoniously with other styles, which helps to solve various complications. For example the morning pickings and wedding walk were shot in a light key and tender atmosphere, but the banquet was planned in a room with dim light, where fine art would be difficult to realize. In this situation, you can switch and make the reportage more dynamic and emotional, to better convey the atmosphere of the evening.

Despite the soft touch and attention to detail, the most important emphasis in the works of photographer who works in fine art style is always the feelings of the couple. It is very important for people to remain real, to find individuality and uniqueness in each story. The photographer should always help to find comfort, find a comfortable pose, and if necessary, he should show how to stand. But the most important thing in a photographer’s work is always to genuinely understand the couple, to ask questions about their history, to dive into their feelings for each other. This is what helps make the shots they can see their love many years later.


Important details in a photographer’s work

When you meet with the couple, you need to discuss ideas beforehand, also give them your recommendations. Together consider different locations for the shooting, the decor and decoration in general, as well as the location of the celebration. It is necessary to be interested in every detail, literally down to the flowers in the bride’s bouquet. It is very important not to miss such details when shooting. The photographer can also suggest reliable décor contractors or optimal venues for the banquet – everything to make the overall result look tasty, expensive and stylish. Fine art photography is very realistic to perfectly implement, the main thing – to give proper attention to the preparation.

No matter how many questions and disputes there are about what fine art is – it is, first of all, art photography. It does not matter whether the photographer shoots on film and what emotions prevail in the frame. One thing remains the same – fine art photos are timeless! They are elegant, natural and reflect refined taste.