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Men may not care as much about how they look at their own wedding, but it’s unlikely that anyone wants to be remembered for a ridiculous hairstyle or a horrible irritation after a shave. If you want to feel as confident as possible on the day, grooming, like a costume, is something you should worry about in advance. In this article, we’ll share facial tips that will help avoid unpleasant surprises at the most crucial moment, as well as tell you about the rules of haircut and styling before the wedding.

Take Care Of Your Skin

First of all, reconsider your approach to cleansing, if you’re used to wash your face only with water. Yes, using a special gel or foam for the face will take a couple of minutes more, but after a few weeks you will notice the difference. When choosing a tool, take into account your skin type: for example, for oily skin foam, which includes tea tree oil, and for sensitive should choose gels with the addition of micellar water. For deeper cleansing it is also recommended to use a facial scrub 1-2 times a week.

It is necessary to support the skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Watch how much fluid you drink: it is believed that for clear and smooth skin you need to drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day. Drinking through force is not a good idea, but it’s different if you have such a need and replace water with other drinks. It is an unequal replacement: coffee and tea have the property to excrete more liquid than you consume with them. Milk and kefir the body perceives as food, and natural juices in excessive amounts harm tooth enamel and can cause digestive problems.


Finishing The Face

Men’s grooming is not limited to shaving and haircuts. Before the wedding it is desirable to get rid of excess facial hair, and we are not talking about the beard, but the area above the bridge of the nose, the ears and the nose. For eyebrow design, it is not necessary to ask your future spouse to share the contacts of her master: you can remove hair with wax in most barbershops or in cosmetology. But before the procedure, make sure you have no contraindications. Waxing is considered relatively safe, but it has its own limitations, including the taking of acne medications and cancer. You should be especially cautious about the procedure if you have couperose, diabetes, take hormones or blood thinning medications.

Make an appointment for hair removal a week before the wedding: during this time the effect will not disappear, and the skin has time to recover if there is irritation.

If waxing does not suit you, you can use ordinary tweezers or trimmers. It is worth considering that plucking hair in the nose or ears is strictly forbidden: in the first case, there is a risk to get an infection in the open pores or provoke the appearance of ingrown hairs, in the second – to damage the eardrum. Beauty may require sacrifice, but it certainly doesn’t: trust the master to do it right.

Beard, Stubble Or Smooth Skin?

Men who wear a thick beard and know the effort involved in growing it are unlikely to get rid of it for one event. And if you’ve made a beard a part of your life, don’t you really need one?

But setting a goal to grow a beard “from scratch” for your wedding is a bold decision. On average, it takes about three months, and at the two-week stubble stage, you’ll be fighting the urge to grab a loom and shave everything off, because the hairs will start to curl and irritate your skin. In other words, stock up on time and patience. If you don’t have any, you can take a simpler route and grow three days’ worth of stubble. This option will definitely suit those who are not used to stick to a formal style: stubble combines well with suits, and with its help you can achieve the effect of elaborate sloppiness.

If you are used to smooth skin, before the wedding do not neglect the rules of shaving: the face must be steamed before the procedure, the blade must go along the hair growth, and it is desirable that it was new. Do not “scrape” the skin: so you risk irritation and ingrown hairs. If you want the perfect result, it’s a good idea to get yourself a close shave in a barbershop.

Arrange Your Styling In Advance

As tempting as the prospect of spending “the morning of the groom” in real manly company over a haircut and strong drinks may be, it is advisable to limit your wedding day barbershop to styling and coffee. We are confident in the OldBoy masters, but even if you decide to just update your haircut rather than drastically change it, it is worth doing a week before the event to get used to it. In addition, you will be able to discuss the styling with the barber in advance.

A traditional style for grooms is the slicked back, or smooth back comb. It looks neat and works well with undercuts, cut-outs and other cuts with bangs back and side partings. Hair to hair styles use gel or pomade but if you want a more natural look, you can go with wax or a soft paste.

For curly and frizzy hair, slicked back is fine if you’re planning a Sicilian Mafia-inspired wedding and are inspired by images from The Godfather. But we would advise you not to overdo the styling and apply a little styling product to hold it in place.

Owners of long hair we recommend to make a man bun – a man’s bundle. It looks stylish, especially in combination with the beard. As a rule, the hair for a man bun is gathered at the crown. If you have a triangular shape face, it is recommended to make the bun lower: it will help to equalize the proportions.

If you are in doubt about the image, do not be afraid to consult with the master.