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Often the work of a wedding photographer is no longer a creative flight of fancy, but a carefully constructed plan for taking pictures throughout the wedding day. In order for everything to go smoothly on the wedding day, the photographer had better meet with the newlyweds about a couple of days before the wedding and find out from them the schedule for the entire day of the celebration, as well as the time by which he should arrive at the bride’s home on that day.

The wedding photo shoot usually starts in the morning at the bride’s house, after which the photographer already works according to the wedding script. On the day of the celebration the work of the photographer consists of three or four standard stages, as well as the moments that must be filmed.

Place of the marriage registry

Usually, the place where the official registration is held, not the best lighting, so the photographer should instantly understand whether a flash is needed. If a flash is needed, a diffuser is also needed. Some halls have additional lighting under the ceiling. In such cases, you need to tweak the camera so that there is not too much over lighting. The task of the photographer in the registry office is to record the usual registration procedure in maximum detail and competently, as during the registration there is also little chance to get unusual pictures. The main moments that should take the photographer – this signature of the young couple and witnesses, the exchange of rings, the first kiss, the presentation of the marriage certificate. Good shots can be obtained at the end of the marriage ceremony, when the young couple leave the registry office and they begin to congratulate relatives and friends.

Strolling of the newlyweds 

Shooting the walk of the newlyweds is better to start with the most picturesque of the places that are planned in it. Choose the location carefully during the shoot. So that the young people’s entire face is not in shadows avoid bright sunlight. Good and creative shots can be obtained if the walk will take place not only near monuments and parks, but if, for example, the young people plan a photo session in an art gallery, a restaurant with an expensive or unusual interior or a museum. Give the bride the opportunity to feel the most beautiful, and hold a separate photo shoot for her. Before the banquet, you should take a photo with the guests.

Wedding Banquet 

By this stage of the photo shoot, most of the photographer’s work is already done. During the banquet there is usually a reportage photo shoot. Meeting the newlyweds with loaf, the first cry of “Bitter!”, the first dance of the newlyweds, young couple dancing with their parents, cutting the wedding cake, the bride throwing a bouquet, the groom throwing the garter, etc. Be sure to remove the wedding cake as a whole as well as when it is cut into pieces. Gift-giving should be filmed in detail. Also photograph the contests, dancing, congratulations and guests. In general, try to act according to the situation. Technically, the task is not difficult. You will need an external flash, diffuser and a serviceable location control. 

More location and ideas for a wedding photo shoot

Do you want to have an impressive wedding photo shoot and are looking for unusual locations? Here are some of the most popular wedding photo shoot locations: 


Hotel lobby 

Why choose a hotel for your bride and groom’s photo shoot? Here are a few reasons:

  • independence from weather conditions; 
  • the possibility of holding the photo shoot in one place without unnecessary travel; 
  • presentable and festive picture. 

Places associated with the history of the newlyweds What can be more romantic than remembering the most touching moments of the love story? We recommend capturing the iconic places where it happened: 

  • acquaintance; 
  • first date; 
  • first kiss. 

Themed locations 

Consider the theme of the wedding when choosing a location for the shoot: 

  1. Farmland for a country-style wedding. 
  2. For a national style wedding, choose beautiful natural landscapes (steppe, field of flowers, mountains). 
  3. The sea and sandy shore will illustrate the nautical theme of the celebration. 
  4. Retro cars, vintage exhibits will fit perfectly into the frames of a vintage wedding. 


The most romantic photos, devoid of pomp and pathos, are obtained against the backdrop of nature. The bride and groom in the park or on the seashore look cute and relaxed. What locations to choose for a wedding photo shoot? Here are some of the best locations: 

  1. A park or square. Beautiful pictures can be obtained both in spring and summer, and in early autumn. Flowering trees, a riot of greenery or yellow-red foliage is a spectacular background for a romantic shoot. 
  2. The field. This is a location for lovers of minimalism. The main subjects are the endless sky, clouds, bright flowers, ears of wheat or haystacks (depending on the season). 
  3. The forest. In the forest you can make truly mystical and fabulous photos. 
  4. A cliff with a view of the mountains or the sea. These places are very popular. You will need comfortable shoes, as it is extremely uncomfortable to walk on the beach in heels. 

Photo studio 


  • Independence from the weather; 
  • photos are successful thanks to properly exposed light; 
  • there are many suitable interiors for wedding photography. 

Suitable for couples photo shoots, a large company in the studio is difficult to accommodate. Where else to hold a non-trivial wedding photo shoot? A few ideas that won’t bore you: 

  1. Amusement Park.  Cotton candy, carousels, ringing laughter, flashing lights of thousands of bulbs and lights – this is what a perfect vintage style photo shoot looks like. 
  2. The roof of a high-rise.  Such a location is suitable for the most daring and creative. 
  3. Sights (monuments, cathedrals). The theme can be refreshed with unusual angles, poses and humorous approach. 

Poses for a wedding photo shoot 

The right poses create the character and overall mood of the wedding photo shoot. How to choose a beautiful and non-trivial pose? You can get creative ideas on Instagram or Pinterest.