What to wear as a photographer to a wedding

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Photographers at the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Awards are required to wear tuxedos and evening gowns. Even though they’re doing their job, they’re doing it at a special event. A wedding is not a movie award, but one of the formats of a celebration where some photographers may show up in a stretchy T-shirt and ripped jeans. So what is the most appropriate look for a wedding photographer? 

Yes, a wedding is not just a holiday. It’s a celebration! And celebration means that the images of the newlyweds, their guests, and contractors should be if not festive and evening, then at least neat and “to the point. With the first and second usually there is no misunderstanding, but with specialists, in particular photographers, it happens.

We would like to give some advice to the bride, and to clarify the situation with the appearance of the contractors, in order to help her avoid unpleasant moments at her own wedding.

Do not be afraid to ask

When meeting with the photographer, don’t be afraid to ask about what he or she will be wearing to the wedding. If you are planning a color dress code for your guests, you have the right to ask the photographer to stick to it so it doesn’t stand out and draw extra attention.

The photographer should be comfortable.

Don’t demand too much. The photographer’s clothing should not only be “to the point” but also comfortable, because he is working on your celebration, not resting. It is difficult to imagine a girl photographer in stilettos the entire wedding day: from the gathering at the hotel to the fireworks at the banquet. Since the photographer sometimes climbs not in the most comfortable places to get the best shot, taking different poses, squatting, running, his clothes should be unmarked and extremely comfortable.

Appropriate style

Usually for wedding photographers prefer a smart casual style (chinos and a blouse/shirt or a solid-colored polo), as it is comfortable and fits many formats. If a girl photographer can work in a dress, she usually wears a straight cut model without extra decorations. Male photographers often complement their ensemble with a blazer or vest. If the specialist has a uniform with a logo, he can wear it. The photographer’s shoes are always comfortable – sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, topsiders. It all depends on the level of the wedding.

Color scheme

The color of the photographers clothing (if there are no color restrictions) is black, gray, beige, powder or navy. No acid colors, reds, oranges, or greens, because on a sunny day they will glow on the young couple’s faces and the bride’s white dress. And “colored” shadows are almost impossible to remove with retouching.

Creative tandem

If the photographer often works with an assistant or a videographer in a pair, they can adhere to the same style and color scheme in clothing. That way the crew looks much more presentable.


What should I ask the photographer before the wedding?

Before the bride meets with her photographer at the wedding, she should talk to him about a lot of nuances: cost, working hours, locations for the shooting, etc. But there are also a number of issues that are too often overlooked by brides. This leads to misunderstanding and conflict with the contractor. On what to discuss with him before he starts work.

Transportation for the photographer

Find out in advance if he will be in his own car, or if you need to leave room for him in your car. If the photographer has a private car, will he need to pay for gas so that at the end of the wedding you won’t be surprised at the amount.

Lunch for the photographer

Let’s be honest! We’re all human and we all want to eat. Wedding contractors are no exception. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to allocate the photographer a seat at the party table. It’s enough to arrange in advance with the banquet manager for a snack for the crew. This can be a light, hot snacks, sandwiches and be sure to have water (regular, no gas). A full photographer works even better!

Photographer +1

A good photographer often works with an assistant. Ask your contractor about whether he or she will shoot the wedding alone or with an assistant. If the second option, you’ll need to consider this when ordering transportation and lunch for the team.

Force Majeure

In this case, we’re talking about “what if the photographer suddenly can’t attend the wedding for a very, very good reason?” (illness, flight delayed due to weather conditions, etc.). Ask your contractor who will replace him or her in the event of this force majeure, and under what conditions.

Listen to the advice and let them help you negotiate the terms of the photographer’s work at your wedding in more detail.