Top 10 Reasons to have wedding coordinators

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On the happy and long-awaited wedding day, everything should be perfect. Such a wonderful event should not be marred by unforeseen situations. And for everything to go perfectly, it’s better to ask for help from a professional organizer. Why? To avoid a minimum of 10 “nightmares” that may occur:

1. The Wedding Of Your Dreams Does Not Fit Into The Budget

If you think that organizing the celebration yourself will allow you to save a little money, this is absolutely not the case. Often it’s because of illiterate cost planning that your budget literally cracks at the seams. And at the last minute you find out that the luxurious birthday cake was beyond your means, and to pay for the wedding dress you have to take a loan.

All this can be avoided with the help of a competent planner. He knows exactly how and on what to save money, picks a great team, will save you from unnecessary costs and unforeseen expenses.

2.The Holiday Turns Out To Be Boring And Unoriginal

Hardly anyone wants such an exciting and touching event to turn into a typical feast with vulgar contests. With professional help you will be able to realize a unique and unusual scenario of the holiday, which will really be remembered for a lifetime. The wedding will be made in a single concept, which will immerse guests in an atmosphere of real magic.

The organizer will make adjustments to bring the idea to perfection. Or offer you your own version of the celebration. After all, a true professional is always full of creative ideas and creative solutions.

3. The Invited Specialists Do Not Meet Your Expectations

Agree, it will be very embarrassing if instead of a well-known presenter at the wedding there will be a village toastmaster. And the photographer who has posted an impressive portfolio on the Internet, in fact will be an ordinary amateur.

Experienced organizers have a large number of contractors who have shown themselves to be flawless over the years of working together. You can not doubt the professionalism and responsibility of these professionals. In addition, sometimes with the help of the organizers it is possible to get a discount on the services of a decorator, presenter, etc.

By the way, if you think that all agencies work only with a limited number of sites, photographers or presenters, it is not so. As well as always selecting the best contractors for your celebration. Professionals do not work with questionable professionals who have a bad reputation.

If you have already chosen your own restaurant or presenter, the organizers can also take the project to work. But only on the condition that the contractors are not on the “black list”.

4. You Do Not Cope With The Coordination, Everything Does Not Go According To Plan

The wedding preparation process consists of a thousand different nuances. And keeping everything in your head is incredibly difficult. No bride on her wedding day wants to be upset because of any force majeure. But there’s nothing to worry about if you have an experienced planner by your side. It’s not just a person who handles the pre-wedding preparations. This is a whole team of professionals who will be with you on the day of the celebration. The organizer knows the plan of the party down to the last detail. He will make sure that the artists arrived on time, all guests had enough room. Dealt with any issues that arose.

You might think that hiring a coordinator is enough.  However, this does not mean that the activities of the organizer and the coordinator are equivalent. If you invite a coordinator, the whole process of preparation falls on your shoulders. In addition, no coordinator can be as detailed and clearly know the specifics of your celebration, as the organizer, who was with you throughout all the stages of preparation.


5. The Bride Or Groom Is Late For The Celebration

To avoid this happening, you should carefully plan time for travel and preparation. And also be sure to assess the state of the roads and choose the best route without traffic jams. For professionals, this task is not difficult.

However, if the delay still could not be avoided, the competent assistants will be able to smooth out such an incident inconspicuously, so as not to cause excitement among the guests. For example, you can arrange a small entertainment program, a buffet, a master class or a photo session in an area prepared in advance.

6. The Hairdresser Or Makeup Artist Is Missing

It is easy to imagine the emotions of a beautiful bride who found out that her makeup artist is late or does not get in touch at all. Don’t panic! Professionals always have a couple of business cards of excellent masters up their sleeve, who will quickly arrive and save the situation.

This rule concerns any specialist: a presenter, a photographer, etc. There is a replacement for everyone. 

7. During The Celebration, There Was A Sudden Power Outage

If your wedding does not provide a candlelight dinner and live music, such an incident will hardly make you happy. Therefore, the organizers will find out in advance whether the restaurant or banquet hall has a generator to ensure uninterrupted electricity.

Professionals will take care of all technical force majeure and find a solution to the problem before you or your guests have time to notice.

8. Before Check-in You Find Out That You Forgot Your Rings

Strange as it may seem, but it happens quite often. And even if you could not foresee this situation, it can be solved in several ways. For example, send your mom or girlfriend for rings, if time and distance allow. Or buy any inexpensive jewelry in the nearest store, again, if possible. As a last resort, you can just ask the registrar to skip the moment with the exchange of rings. The main thing is that you do not worry about these issues and trust a reliable helper to solve the problem.

9. No Matter How Hard We Tried, But The Weather Was Not Right

Nature has no bad weather, but to hold a checkup in the pouring rain is not the best prospect. Experienced organizers know exactly how not to miscalculate with the preparation, if the forecast can not be trusted. First of all, you should make an agreement with the banquet hall so that, if necessary, the ceremony can be moved indoors.

Or you may take a special tent that will protect the guests and the newlyweds from bad weather. Secondly, you should clarify in advance if the restaurant has air conditioning. So no vagaries of nature will not be afraid of you.

10. You Are So Tired From The Preparation Of The Celebration That You Have Lost Interest In It

There’s no way that can happen! On their wedding day, people in love have only one goal – to enjoy the celebration and each other. However, few will be able to maintain self-control and a great mood when you need to agree with the photographers, seat all the guests, arrange problems with transport, etc. And if suddenly the bride’s dress gets torn or dirty, then you can’t avoid tears.

That is why the services of professionals will become a real “wand-maker” for newlyweds. After all, even if there is a real disaster, the organizer will take care of it. And you will only have to smile and rejoice every moment of the wonderful day, which will be exactly as you dreamed.

It should be noted that you should treat the choice of wedding planner with great responsibility. Trust only first-class professionals.