How to make a spreadsheet for the day of a wedding for professional wedding coordinators

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By making a wedding expense chart and distributing your budget correctly, you fulfill a basic condition for the unqualified success of your wedding.

At the heart of success is determining the main expense item.

To ensure that the stomachs of guests in pleasant anticipation of deliciousness remained not just full, but also satisfied, and perhaps even overwhelmed, but that the wedding budget is not consumed only by food – it is necessary to think through everything in advance and certainly write it down on paper.

Table of wedding expenses. Banquet

What should be considered when ordering a holiday banquet.

  1. What is included in the rental of the banquet site?
  2. What must be ordered in addition?
  3. What can you bring with you?
  4. What is the total cost of the order?
  5. Cost of additional orders?
  6. Duration of the banquet?
  7. The cost of extending the banquet?

Here is a list of items that you should ask the manager of the cafe or restaurant, and mark against each service prices and total cost of the order

  • site rent 
  • banquet menu 
  • buffet menu 
  • corkage charge 
  • strong drinks 
  • champagne 
  • wine 
  • furniture rental (tables, chairs) 
  • tablecloths 
  • napkins (cloth + paper napkins) 
  • plates for sweets and cake 
  • corkscrew 
  • bottle opener 
  • glasses 
  • decanters for lemonade 
  • morsels 
  • apron for the young couple’s table 
  • vases for flowers 
  • table/floor candles 
  • service 
  • parking (free or charge) 
  • cake + delivery 
  • cake storage before the banquet 
  • cake delivery table 
  • spatula + knife

The table of wedding expenses. External registration

What you may need for the marriage registration?

The following list will help you to decide on this question.

  • wedding bands 
  • state Tax for Registrar’s Office 
  • venue rental 
  • chair rental 
  • tables rental 
  • sound equipment 
  • musicians 
  • electric generator 
  • umbrellas,
  • plaids 
  • table for registration 
  • folder + certificate
  • oaths + pen 
  • buffet table
  • catering 
  • pads for rings 
  • walkway 
  • archway 
  • photo area 
  • table for gifts 
  • textile decoration 
  • florists 
  • coordinator(s) 
  • registrar 
  • rehearsal 
  • performers

Table of wedding expenses. The image of the bride and groom

What do the images of the Bride and the Groom consist of?

To date, the options abound. And yet there are some parts of the outfit that do not change,

that will help you decide, both in the composition of the elements of your image,

and on their price (for this purpose, simply enter the price in front of each item on the list).

The bride’s image

  • dress 
  • chaperone, crinoline 
  • veil/diadem/hat/flowers 
  • maid of honor 
  • undergarments 
  • stockings/hosiery 
  • gloves 
  • shoes/boots
  • interchangeable shoes
  • second dress 
  • jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets) 
  • jurse (cosmetics, first aid kit, etc. 
  • garter 
  • manicure/pedicure/beauty treatments 
  • stylist/visagist/hairdresser 

Groom’s look

  • suit / tuxedo / tails 
  • 2 shirts 
  • tie/bonnet/carrot 
  • vest 
  • cuff links 
  • boutonniere 
  • socks 
  • shoes 
  • change of shoes 
  • purse for documents and money 
  • manicure/beauty treatments 
  • stylist/hairdresser

Table of wedding expenses. Printing and Gifts

When organizing a wedding reception the question of invitations for guests, money bags, gifts for relatives and other small necessary things will arise.

necessary trifles, and consequently about the invitation of designers and decorators to help you. So the following list will help you not to forget anything, and navigate the price (against each item you will enter its cost)

  • designer’s work 
  • invitations printing 
  • printing of seating cards 
  • menu 
  • programs 
  • table numbers 
  • signage 
  • signage 
  • website 
  • money box or baggie 
  • petal boxes 
  • pows/vows of the bride and groom 

Gifts for guests

  • packaging for bonbonni√®res 
  • gifts (filling bonbonni√®res) 
  • gifts for parents 
  • surprises for contests 
  • photo frames 
  • personalization (printing the newlyweds names on all accessories)

Table of wedding expenses. Professional equipment

When organizing a wedding disco or other music design, you should ask what exactly is included in the services of a DJ or guest musicians and how much does it all cost? So:

  1. How much do the services cost and does it include the following items?
  2. What items will need to be paid for separately?
  3. Which items will need to be ordered additionally (elsewhere)


  • lighting/design 
  • sound equipment 
  • lighting job 
  • sound engineer job 
  • lighting/design 
  • sound equipment 
  • illuminator work 
  • sound engineer job 
  • assembly / disassembly 
  • rent a screen/projector/plasma 
  • smoke machine 
  • confetti gun 
  • soap Bubble Generator